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Since launching my own makeup business, the number one concern I hear from my clients is that their skin is not what they wish it could be. Dryness, lack of radiance, uneven texture and breakouts were complaints I heard about consistently and I was constantly racking my own esthetician’s brain to recommend products that were effective, gave great results but still had ingredients I felt confident about sharing.

A few years later, a friend of mine, who had worked as an OBGYN, was also on the hunt for healthier skincare and had come across EVER. She shared the line with me and I was of course, pleased with the luxe packaging, but it was the results-driven ingredients that really impressed me. EVER’s products are “consciously created with the health and beauty of the skin in mind” - and it does just that. Their patent-pending LSR10 bioactive complex is scientifically formulated to reduce the top 10 visible signs of aging. Not to mention, no parabens, phthlates, petroleum products or synthetic fragrances.

No matter how good the artist, makeup is never as good as the base underneath. Since using EVER, my skin has never looked better, and my clients agree - they also love it! If you want smoother, brighter, more youthful looking skin without the compromise of good-for-you ingredients, this line has it all. I am thrilled to be able to use EVER on my clients and now, share it with you!

XO Hannah


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